Running a business is no mean feat! Business owners wear a lot of hats: manager, accountant, marketer, counsellor, salesperson. Time is at a premium when you run a small business.

That's why we try to make managing your EFTPOS solution as easy as possible! If you've ever run out of paper rolls, you'll definitely want to know more about one of the new features of our latest software release.

A new, fast, convenient way to restock your paper rolls!

diagram stationery order

We wanted to make ordering paper rolls faster, easier and more cost-effective for our customers. So we decided to put paper-roll-ordering-smarts directly into the main menu of your EFTPOS terminal. All you have to do is select 'Stationery Order' from your terminal's main menu, follow the prompts and your paper rolls will be delivered right to your registered site address. Easy!

The best part? You'll save 15% when you order from your terminal!

That's right! Save 15% off our standard paper roll prices when you order from your terminal instead of online or via the phone.

If you have a direct debit loaded on your site, there's nothing further you need to do, we'll simply debit the cost of the rolls on the 20th of the following month. Otherwise, you can pay for your paper rolls using internet banking, or online with a credit card, when you receive your invoice with your order.

You can still order paper rolls and terminal accessories from our online shop, or over the phone with our customer services team too.