What's new on Android EFTPOS: July 2023

What's new on Android EFTPOS: July 2023

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In our latest Android ETPOS update we're rolling out enhancements for multi-merchant, surcharging and MOTO along with a host of other updates and features to make taking payment a breeze.


Multi-merchant merchants can now have different banks👫

Multi-merchant is now available for merchants who have settlement bank accounts with different banks.

multi-merch update 23 PAYMENT FLOW 3


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Override surcharging for MOTO transactions🎢 

This optional feature is a lifesaver for businesses that use 3rd-party booking websites like booking.com. When enabled, a prompt appears before you process a MOTO/Manual transaction to confirm whether a surcharge should be applied to the transaction.

moto surcharge override PAYMENT FLOW 3                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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You can now passcode-protect Manual/MOTO transactions🔑 

You can now passcode-protect Manual Card Entry transactions on your terminal as an additional security measure.


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Customer surcharge prompt is now optional for contactless transactions⚡

We've had some customer feedback that cardholders don't always wait to confirm the surcharge after tapping their card to pay. Now you can disable the Confirm Surcharge screen for contactless transactions.

contactless surcharging PAYMENT FLOW 3


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Changes to transaction history💻

We've reduced the Transaction History retention period from 183 days to 90 days. If you need to look up transactions from over 3 months ago, you can use Verifone Central

Verifone Central is our Merchant Portal. Build and download detailed transaction lists for reporting and reconciliation. Drill down to a particular day, store, EFTPOS terminal or transaction to get exactly the detail you need. Save time with recurring transaction reports delivered straight to your inbox.




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It's now easier to send emails✉️

We've made some improvements to the virtual keyboard on your terminal to make it easier to enter email addresses when you're sending receipts or reports via email.

email screen comparison PAYMENT FLOW 3

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Transaction screens are easier to read🔎

We've improved the 'Keep Card Inserted' & 'Please Remove Card' screens with bigger text and terminal animations.

transaction prompt PAYMENT FLOW 3


Navigator icon is larger👁️

We've made the Navigator icon on the present card screen larger. Navigator is our blind, deafblind, low-vision and vision-impaired accessibility solution for touchscreen Android devices.

larger navigator icon PAYMENT FLOW 3

Learn more:

  • Learn about Navigator in our Help Centre here
  • Learn about inclusive business practices for serving members of the blind, deafblind, low-vision and vision-impaired members of our community

Signature capture is now more intuitive🖋️

We've changed up the transaction flow for transactions where a signature is required. The Approved screen is now displayed after the signature is verified instead of before. 

sig capture PAYMENT FLOW 3


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We've made some enhancements to Offline Mode📶

When your terminal is in Offline Mode it will now attempt to upload pending transactions every 10 minutes in addition to attempting to Logon. If either is successful, the terminal will exit EOV Offline Mode.


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Keep up with all of Android EFTPOS's new features, big and small, on the EFTPOS blog. Have ideas for how we can improve Android EFTPOS? Send us an email, or drop a comment below.


The development, release, and timing of any products, features, or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Eftpos New Zealand and is subject to change.

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