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The Carbon Mobile 5 offers everything businesses need in a portable payment device with a host of future-proofing features for integrating with Android apps in future. 

Key Features

Easy to use payment application
Connect Express is Verifone's world-class payment application for Android payment devices. Intuitive and easy to use with clear on screen prompts and alerts, Connect Express makes taking payment simple for you and your customers. The application is continually optimised with improvements and features.

Supports in-aisle checkout and tableside service
Think beyond your shop counter! The Verifone Carbon Mobile 5 is built for portable payments. The device is ergonomically designed and boasts commercial-grade durability, as well as Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity which means you can take payment when and where you want to. Take payment at the table, in the aisle or on your customers' doorstep.

Powerful battery with fast charging
With a long-lasting battery and fast charging, the Carbon Mobile 5 keeps the same hours you do.

A large 5”, HD colour touchscreen
Keypads are a thing of the past! The Carbon Mobile has a large, vibrant full touchscreen which is more resistant to liquid damage than traditional keypads and easier to clean and sanitise. 

Go paperless! Instead of printing your customer receipts, enable e-receipting and offer your customer the option of receiving their receipt via email instead.

Enhanced refunds
The Carbon Mobile 5 gives you more control over refunds. No need for a refund card! Your refund functionality is protected by manager and cashier passcodes. Assign different refund limits to cashiers and managers so high value refunds require manager approval. Match the refund back to the original transaction and add a 'refund reason' so you can keep a record. Learn more about refunds in our online user guide.

Highest security standard in-market
The Carbon Mobile 5 is compliant with PCI PTS 5.x which means the device is compliant until 2029.

Transaction lists
You can access a list of all of your approved transactions for the last 6 months directly from your CM5. Filter and search transactions, view transaction details, reprint/resend the customer receipt and refund the transaction from your order history.

Future-proofed with Android app capability*
In future, you will be able to access the Android developer ecosystem to extend and customise the device’s capabilities with business apps for point of sale, loyalty, inventory management and more. Learn more about app-enabled payments here.

Download a Carbon Mobile 5 Spec Sheet here.


Available payment capabilities

• Purchase and cash-out
• Credit and debit cards
• Contactless cards and mobile wallets
• Refunds
• MOTO transactions
• Tipping
• Credit card surcharging
• Order history
• On-screen signature capture
• Manager and cashier passwords
Verifone Navigator


Future payment capabilities

• Contactless credit card surcharging
• POS integration
• Multi-merchant
• Alipay and WeChat Pay acceptance
• Dynamic currency conversion
• Credit card pre-authorisation
• TruRating

*Our developers are hard at work delivering improvements and new features for the Carbon Mobile 5. Not all features above will be available at launch.


Learn more about the Carbon Mobile 5 experience here.