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Eftpos New Zealand is the first payment solution provider in New Zealand to bring Android payment devices to Kiwi businesses. These next-generation Verifone payment devices offer businesses a host of new features, including a full touchscreen without a keypad. However, for the estimated 180,0001 New Zealanders with severe to moderate functional vision loss, the shift away from physical PIN pads towards fully touchscreen virtual keypads represents a unique challenge.

The solution? Navigator. An accessibly designed PIN entry system for touch screen devices to enable low vision or blind customers to enter their PIN independently and securely. When Navigator is activated, the non-tactile touchscreen is transformed into a universal keypad with audio confirmation, so vision-impaired consumers can enter a PIN or other numerical data to easily make purchases.



Navigator 'Assistance mode'



How does it work?

The Navigator solution has three 'modes':

  • Accessibility Mode enables low vision and/or blind customers to enter their PIN securely and independently by utilising sound to aid orientation and to provide step-by-step instructions to the user. 
  • Assistance Mode supports people with low vision by allowing magnification, colour contrast and audio feedback.
  • Training this option allows merchants or customers to partake in a training exercise where they can become familiar with PIN entry mechanisms, etc.


Is it secure?

The goal for Navigator was to design a solution that ensure consumers can access a seamless, secure and inclusive payment experience. Navigator was designed and built in collaboration with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), a United Kingdom-based charity. Consulting with the end user for the solution ensured that Verifone developers came to truly understand the pain points and challenges that vision-impaired and blind consumers experience when making payment. Navigator was designed to balance usability with security, delivering high accuracy and consumer satisfaction, while maintaining PCI PIN Transaction Security.


How can I get my hands on an Android EFTPOS terminal?

The Verifone Carbon Mobile 5 is exclusively offered by Eftpos New Zealand.

The first market release of the Carbon Mobile 5 will deliver a WiFi and 3G/4G device compatible with almost half of our customer's existing solutions. Exciting new features will include e-Receipting and contactless surcharging. Further releases will bring more functionality to the device, including POS integration.

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