Smartphones have completely changed the way we approach and interact with technology. The first smartphones were an incredible platform for developing apps and experiences that made them not just useful, but ultimately world-changing.

But smartphones weren’t that smart at first.

It wasn’t until the ‘app store’ took off that the power of smartphones was revealed! With apps, users can customise and enhance their smart device to suit their needs. 

Just like the first smartphones, Android Eftpos is a similar platform with the potential to enable you to do incredible things.

Imagine if..

  • your 10-trip coffee cards could go virtual
  • your EFTPOS terminal could capture customer emails and add them to your mailing list
  • your customers could sign-up for you loyalty programme at the POS without having to spell their name and email out loud to the cashier
  • you could use your EFTPOS terminal to scan and checkout a customer in the aisle

The first release of our Android EFTPOS devices includes:

  • E-receipts so your transactions can go paperless
  • Customer card transaction history on the terminal
  • Handy apps including a calculator on the device

Learn more about the features available on the CM5 here.

What’s next?

  • POS integration
  • A donation app
  • The Navigator app for the vision-impaired

Verifone Navigator


Navigator is an accessibility app for touch screen terminals that transforms the non-tactile touchscreen into a universal keypad with audio confirmation. This enables low vision or blind customers to enter their PIN independently and securely.

“The shift away from physical PIN pads is a challenge for the blind and vision-impaired community. It’s awesome to see Verifone making accessibility a priority in the development of new solutions. This should go a long way towards ensuring our dignity and confidence when using payment technology. We need the same ease of use, safety and security as everyone,” says Blind Citizens NZ’s National President Dr Jonathan Godfrey

Learn more about Navigator here.

The future of EFTPOS

The sky is the limit for third-party Android developers who will be able to develop payment apps without having to contend with the complexity associated with legacy payment devices

We expect to see apps that enable you to:

  • manage loyalty and reward schemes from the device
  • integrate with your CRM to capture customer info
  • run promotions and competitions

...and no doubt many more things we haven’t dreamt of yet!