All-in-one POS with Eftpos NZ

All-in-one POS with Eftpos NZ

On device POS blogPoint of Sale? There's an app for that! Add a POS app to your Android terminal and do away with additional printers, scanners and other hardware. It’s an all-in-one handheld payment solution.


Innovation in the payment space used to move at a snail's pace. But not anymore! Our new EFTPOS terminals are built on Android, which means third-party developers can create exciting new apps and launch them onto our devices in record time. Keep reading to learn more about the Salespoint Point of Sale app and Corporate Cabs' custom-built app.


Salespoint EFT + POS




SalesPoint has built a nifty app for Android EFTPOS that combines your point of sale and EFTPOS terminal on one device - so you can take orders, receive payments and send invoices or receipts all from one, sleek Android EFTPOS terminal without compromising on the features and benefits of a separate POS and EFTPOS system. 

EFT + POS can:

  • Start an order on one device and take payment on another
  • Use the built-in camera to scan barcodes
  • Print itemised receipts
  • Manage bookings online with e-commerce solutions
  • Send automated text message reminders
  • Build a client database
  • Give customer loyalty discounts
  • Create gift cards

Then there’s inventory and process management too:

  • Label printing
  • Kitchen tickets
  • Takeaways

Plus additional payment solutions like:

  • Lay-by
  • Split payments


How on-device point-of-sale solutions can enhance your business

Our Android terminals are wireless devices which means you are free to move and take your mobile POS to work wherever your customers are. Having one device that can handle orders as well as payments is more economical for your business and reduces the time and complexity associated with having to train staff to use various machines. Having one simple-to-use device reduces human error too.

It also means you can get rid of receipts and operate without paper, cutting supply and admin time down by emailing receipts and invoices. And for those days when you’re working remotely, cloud technology will allow you to access reports, check stock levels and adjust product prices from your phone, tablet or laptop.


The business possibilities are endless

This streamlined, easy-to-adopt technology suits a range of industries including hospitality, retail, grocery and even hairdressers and barbers, too. 

Use case: hospo

On-device POS solutions make Pay-at-Table payments even more efficient for you and your customers. Instead of writing down (or remembering) your customers' orders and then going over to the POS to key it in, your on-device POS automatically sends the order directly to the kitchen and/or bar. You can then take payment right away or settle the bill at the table when your customers have finished their meal.

Use case: retail

Long queue? A customer with a complex request holding the line up? Send in a queue-busting team member equipped with your on-device POS. They can simply scan barcodes, process payments, and send customers on their way in just a few minutes.

Creating an on-device POS solution with Eftpos NZ comes with an array of possibilities. We will work closely with you to discover your business needs and help you to craft customer-focused solutions.


Case study: Corporate Cabs

EFTPOS NZ has been working with Corporate Cabs for over 15 years, introducing new technology to benefit their business and improve their customer experience.

Corporate Cabs recently approached us with the goal of improving their payment experience to keep pace with changing consumer expectations in the taxi space. Corporate Cabs built their own app which our Payment Specialists then deployed onto our new android terminals for a seamless and painless customer and driver experience.

H&D  Blog Hero Image Template (28)

Our relationship with Corporate Cabs allowed us to work together to make the necessary adjustments and iterations before rolling the solution out to the wider fleet. With the new solution, the driver simply swipes the screen on the device and selects the job details. The correct fare amount then automatically appears on the terminal, ready for payment. Not only has the new solution improved Corporate Cab's customer experience by significantly decreasing the time it takes to process payments, but staff adoption of the new solution has been easy too - even for drivers who were not typically early adopters of new technology. Learn more about our on-device solution for Corporate Cabs here.


Ready to combine your POS & Payments?

For businesses

Ready to merge your POS and EFTPOS into one easy-to-use device that will streamline your individual business needs, improve your customer service and enhance your staff satisfaction while revolutionising how you do business? You don't need the resources or know-how of a big business like Corporate Cabs. The team at Salespoint have already done the hard work of building a Point of Sale app for you. Get in touch with our friendly Payment Specialists to get started.

For POS developers

Work with our team to develop and launch an Android POS app for our growing fleet of Android EFTPOS devices. Get started here.



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