Alipay on Android EFTPOS

Alipay on Android EFTPOS

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Alipay on Android is coming! Read on to find out why now is the time to prepare for the return of Chinese tourists to New Zealand and get a sneak peek of our new solution.

When will Chinese tourists return to New Zealand?

According to the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, we can expect to see a trickle of Chinese tourists from 2023 as Chinese quarantine requirements are relaxed, with a return to pre-pandemic volumes from early 2024.

Kiwi businesses eager to welcome tourists back to our shores will be disappointed with this slow start, but there is a silver lining. Shifting tourists’ preferences could mean New Zealand is poised to capture more of the outbound Chinese tourist market than before. New Zealand's relatively easy tourist Visa application process makes us an attractive destination, and with China's diplomatic relationships with the US and Australia under pressure in recent times, we could be set to benefit at their expense.




Preparing for the new wave of Chinese tourists

Would-be Chinese travellers have spent the pandemic years dreaming of an overseas adventure. The China Outbound Tourism Research Institute predicts that post-pandemic Chinese tourists will show a preference for authentic travelling experiences - opting for independent travel over package tours, luxury accommodation, gourmet dining experiences and adventure activities.

Kiwi businesses should be preparing for the return of Chinese outbound tourists by developing targeted products and bespoke services, and building brand awareness. Even small businesses can get started attracting Chinese travellers simply by signing up for Alipay.




What is Alipay?

Alipay is a digital wallet solution developed by Ant Financial Services Group, an affiliate company of eCommerce mega giant Alibaba. The app can be used to make online and offline payments and offers a range of financial and lifestyle services including access to credit, insurance, food delivery, ride-sharing and more. Importantly, users can search for merchants that accept Alipay in the app, and this function has evolved into a tool that Chinese consumers use to find things to do, places to go, products to buy and new things to experience. Accepting Alipay will get your business in front of millions of Chinese travellers eager to spend their pent-up funds from years of lockdowns. Learn more about Alipay and marketing on Alipay here.


Alipay on Android Eftpos


Accepting Chinese mobile wallets like Alipay, and the very similar WeChat Pay means your Chinese customers can pay with the method and currency they are familiar with. Plus, favourable exchange rates, an inbuilt ‘buy now pay later' option, and campaigns and offers encourages users to spend in your store. And soon you can accept both Alipay and WeChat Pay on your Android EFTPOS device.

The new Android solution will feature an intuitive 'Alipay' button on the present card screen and prompts translated into Chinese on-screen to guide your customers through the process.

More benefits of Alipay on Android EFTPOS:

  • Easy upgrade with a remote download to your terminal
  • NO monthly fees and low transaction fees
  • Get your Alipay marketing content set up for free
  • Dynamic QR code and Chinese prompts display on your terminal - simple for you and your customers
  • Get free POS signage from your Alipay provider to attract wallet holders to your business

Is your business ready to welcome Chinese tourists back to New Zealand? Learn more about Alipay & WeChat Pay here, or call us on 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767).


The development, release and timing of any products, features or functionality remain at the sole discretion of Eftpos New Zealand and are subject to change.


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