5 Ways to Get the Most Out of your Pay By Link Solution

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of your Pay By Link Solution

Pay-by-link turns every sales channel into a checkout. Generate a unique payment page in just a few minutes and then share the link with your customer via email, SMS, live chat, social channels, and many more.

Pay by Link is an easy and secure way to receive payments from customers across a huge range of channels. Simply generate a unique payment link for a custom purchase amount and then share the link with your customer wherever suits them. Keep track of your links' payment status and transaction details in Verifone Central.

Whether your customer is IM-ing you on social media or sizing up your products at an in-person event, being able to make payments without having to navigate to a website removes some of the barriers to purchase, and helps to boost conversion rates. You can even use the Checkout Themes editor to customise your payment page with your logo, different font styles and brand colours to build trust and help to convert more customers.

Here are 5 useful ways to use Pay By Link to make any channel your checkout:

5 ways to use Pay By Link

1. Social Media

Selling your products and services through social media platforms is one of the most effective ways to connect to your customers and develop valuable relationships. You can take this experience one step further by providing a direct payment link while chatting with engaged customers on Social to make the process even easier for them.

2. Email

Sending payment links through email is another useful way to guide your customers through the checkout process, and can be used in a number of ways. You can even email a payment link directly from Verifone Central and offer a fast and easy way for customers to connect and complete a purchase without having to go to your website. Reduce cart abandonment rates by placing payment links directly in your follow-up emails to customers that left before making a purchase.

Whether you’ve got an event coming up with tickets for sale, or you just need a quick way to set up a one-off invoice, sending a link through email provides a no-fuss solution for your business.

3. SMS

Sending payment links via SMS presents a good opportunity for merchants to digitise payment requests and reduce the time it takes for customers to pay you. Text messages have an open rate of around 95%, so connecting with your customers through SMS can be a highly effective way to reach them and collect payments.

There are plenty of scenarios where payment links sent in a personalised SMS make for a more frictionless process - for example, freelancers can create payment links for completed jobs instead of sending invoices, without the need for a website or additional online infrastructure. Best of all? You can send an SMS directly from Verifone Central when you create your customer's unique payment link.

4. In-person

You can generate payment links anytime, anywhere on any device that customers can use to pay you at markets, pop-up stores, and more. This eliminates the need for a physical terminal, which might not be necessary for short-term operations or services that only sell a few items or products.


5. Call Centres

Instead of asking your customers to read their card details out to your customer service agents, offer a much more convenient and secure means of making a payment with Pay-by-Link.


Using payment links can majorly impact the way you do business by optimising the shopping experience for your customers. Instead of waiting for them to navigate through the payment process, you can now provide them with a frictionless, customised checkout solution in a matter of minutes.

Let us know how you’ll be using Pay By Link in the comments below, or get in touch to find out more about how you can implement this solution!


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