What's new on Android EFTPOS: April 2024

What's new on Android EFTPOS: April 2024

We're excited to bring Matched Refunds and Pre-Authorisation to Android EFTPOS 🎉 Read on to learn more about these solutions, plus get some tips & tricks for charging your Android EFTPOS device.



Matched refunds

We're launching matched refunds! Soon you will be able to search for a transaction on your Android EFTPOS device and refund it quickly and easily with a 'Matched Refund'. If the original card used was a credit card, your customer won't need to present their card again. You can even use Advanced Search capabilities to search for and refund transactions from any of your terminals.

mached refund nov23


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We're launching Pre-Authorisation on Android EFTPOS to bring you a new Pre-Authorisation & Completion experience. Pre-Auth users will notice new functionality and improved usability. Pre-Authorisation now includes a new Account Verify feature to validate a card without putting a hold on any funds, Increment to increase the value of an open pre-auth, and a Delayed Charge can be applied to a completed pre-auth within 90 days of completion.

open a pre auth

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Charging your Android terminal

Get tips for effectively charging your Android device and troubleshooting charging issues in our Help Centre.



Keep up with all of our Android EFTPOS software releases on the EFTPOS blog. Have ideas for how we can improve Android EFTPOS? Send us an email, or drop a comment below.


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