2024 EFTPOS Upgrade: Choosing the Right EFTPOS Solution

2024 EFTPOS Upgrade: Choosing the Right EFTPOS Solution

With the deadline for the PCI 3.X EFTPOS upgrade looming, now is the ideal time to explore your upgrade options. In this blog post, we will explore the latest EFTPOS solutions and discuss how this upgrade is a good opportunity to switch providers.

The sunset date for PCI 3.X payment terminals is June 30 2024. Haven't heard the news? You're not alone! 

It's standard practice for EFTPOS terminal providers to proactively upgrade their long-term subscription customers for PCI security compliance upgrades. However, many EFTPOS providers are yet to upgrade the majority of their customers. This is largely due to supply chain issues stemming from the pandemic.

Good news for Eftpos NZ customers! Your terminal is either already compliant or will be upgraded well ahead of the deadline.


Why do I need to upgrade?

The PCI Security Standards Council, a global organisation, establishes the security benchmarks for payments. In New Zealand, Payments NZ serves as the regulatory body responsible for upholding these security standards within the country's payment system. Payments NZ sets sunset dates for each new payment terminal and software version introduced to the market. This proactive approach ensures that the payment ecosystem remains at the cutting edge of security by consistently updating payment software and devices to meet industry requirements. Such measures not only safeguard cardholders against fraud but also protect the reputation of merchants.

Upgrade up with Eftpos NZ today and get 12 months FREE terminal rental, plus free surcharging.*


android family compo apr23 v6

The next generation of payment devices is built on Android and mirrors the sleek designs, user-friendly interfaces, and convenience of smartphones. Developing on Android allows payment device providers to leverage the exceptional user experience and features smart devices offer through a user interface that most people are already familiar with. The result is upgraded payment devices that boast many of the same features as smartphones. Most noticeable, are full touchscreen keypads and touch-based user interfaces with swiping and tapping inputs.

Did you know that New Zealand has over 100 active EFTPOS providers, offering a wide range of EFTPOS terminal brands?

Eftpos NZ offers Verifone EFTPOS terminals, well-known for their premium quality and cutting-edge features. Verifone was the first manufacturer to launch Android payment devices, with other manufacturers following suit to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in payment technology. Developing on the Android platform enables payment providers to create, scale and deliver software and apps more efficiently than was previously possible with legacy platforms. For businesses now, this means faster delivery of improvements and new features.

Verifone Android devices are compliant until 2029 and come in a wide range of options - from grab-and-go portable solutions to unattended kiosk devices. Enjoy fast charging and long battery life, enhanced reporting, email receipts, dynamic connectivity, contactless surcharging, enhanced refunds, seamless integration with over 700 POS systems, and a host of other benefits and features.

Time to switch providers?

If you have a PCI 3.X device, it will need a physical terminal replacement rather than just a software update. If you're already considering an upgrade, why not take this opportunity to get in touch with your provider and ensure you're completely satisfied with their service? Here are some key aspects to discuss with them, and how we compare:

Transaction reporting

As well as on-device reporting, we have a free merchant portal called Verifone Central. 

Your Transaction Data At Your Fingertips
Use filters to drill down to a particular day, store, EFTPOS terminal or transaction to get exactly the detail you need. Monitor sales, manage disputes and export in-depth reports for reconciliation and analysis.
Real-Time Reporting

View all of your Verifone in-store and online transactions in real-time on Verifone Central. Our mobile responsive dashboard means you can monitor sales across all your stores from any device, anywhere - anytime! 

Payment Tools

Accept card-not-present payments effortlessly with just a web browser with Virtual Terminal and create and send payment links in minutes with Pay by Link.

Report Scheduler

Automate your reporting with our flexible Report Scheduler. Create detailed transaction reports on Verifone Central with customisable filters, then automate the generation and delivery via email to you and your designated recipients for convenient access.

Customise your transaction exports using our diverse range of transaction filters, and then save your selections as reporting Templates for later use. Customise Templates to track sales trends over time, simplify reconciliation, or generate detailed surcharging reports.
Customer support

EFTPOS is a major revenue stream for your business, so it's really important you understand what support options your EFTPOS provider offers. At Eftpos NZ, we've got your back 'round the clock! With our 24/7 local Technical Helpdesk, nationwide onsite support, overnight swap-outs and a dedicated Customer Service team, we ensure your EFTPOS experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our Technical Helpdesk is uniquely qualified to diagnose and resolve technical issues remotely, as we are the only terminal provider with our very own payment network. We manage our terminal fleet through our bespoke Terminal Management System and can deploy remote updates to your terminal should it need one. This is something other terminal suppliers cannot offer (unless they purchase terminals from us as a reseller).

Terminal swap outs

Just like any other piece of technology, EFTPOS terminals can experience faults over time. It's essential to know what plans and policies your provider has in place for replacing a faulty terminal. How quickly can they deliver a replacement terminal to your business, and what measures do they have in place to minimise any disruptions to your operations? For instance, Eftpos NZ Field reps always have EFTPOS terminals on hand for immediate swaps. We also have 'Rescue Sites' nationwide where you can swiftly access a new terminal in case troubleshooting options fall short. These terminals can be remotely programmed by our technical helpdesk, and if all else fails, we offer overnight delivery for non-rural terminal replacements. To further reduce any impact on your business, we offer a service called Swap Box, allowing you to lease a spare terminal at a discounted rate. We also provide Terminal Plus insurance to assist with the costs of repairing or replacing damaged terminals, making it a valuable consideration, especially for those in the hospitality industry.

Compliance upgrades

Make sure you understand how your provider manages compliance upgrades. For example, in most cases, Eftpos NZ can upgrade our customer’s payment software remotely well before the sunset date - meaning there is no impact on trading at all. If an EFTPOS terminal needs to be upgraded to remain compliant, we proactively upgrade the device for free.





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