Did you get a letter from the Paymark network advising you that you need to upgrade your eftpos terminal software to avoid disconnection?

Wondering why you need to upgrade?

If you're an EFTPOS NZ customer, no worries! We take care of all software and hardware compliance upgrades for all of our customers.

Read more about what Eftpos NZ is doing to upgrade our Paymark customers.

Even if you're not an EFTPOS NZ customer, or you're unsure about whether you need to upgrade, we can help you check your terminal software and provide a quick and easy upgrade if you need it.

What’s with all the upgrades?

The card goes in, the customer is served, you get paid – right? Well, there’s actually a lot going on behind the scenes to make that payments magic happen. In the seconds between the cardholder hitting the enter key and the terminal screen displaying ‘Accepted’, your eftpos terminal has to connect to a payment network to shift funds from the cardholders account to your acquiring bank.

Upgrades keep eftpos terminals secure so the process is safe for cardholders and merchants. Every payment device or software version released into the market enters a life cycle. This ensures that the whole payments ecosystem is kept at the forefront of payments security by ensuring software versions and devices are continuously upgraded to meet industry standards.

If the Paymark network sent you a letter advising you that you need to upgrade, this means:

  • either your terminal requires an update to meet mandatory security standards, and/or;
  • your terminal software version is approaching its sunset date.

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