The future of payments with Eftpos NZ and Centrapay

The future of payments with Eftpos NZ and Centrapay

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We’ve partnered with Centrapay to enable the next generation of low-cost, secure, digital in-store payments, delivering both innovation and savings to Kiwi businesses. Now you can integrate Centrapay with your Android EFTPOS terminal and offer new payment types supported on the Centrapay network. Starting with a range of digital gift cards and digital tokens, and soon digital debit (EFTPOS 2.0) and cryptocurrencies. Looking ahead your payment solution will be ready for the new central bank digital currency (CDBC) and the emergence of stablecoins as a form of retail payment.

Read on to learn more about the payment methods Centrapay offers now and what will be available in the future.

What is Centrapay?

Centrapay is a local Kiwi alternative to card payment networks. Through Centrapay, Kiwi businesses will be able to accept a range of new digital payment types. Centrapay also gives fintech innovators access to the retail merchant market without the barrier and cost of integrating into multiple technology platforms. Centrapay helps scale payment innovation.



Keep pace with the changing payment landscape without continually upgrading your hardware or signing up with multiple providers. With Centrapay your Android EFTPOS device can accept digital assets and currencies across a growing range of services including digital wallets, rewards programs, and native digital currencies. You can even integrate a digital wallet into your own app to enable convenient, contactless payments for your loyal customers and easily deploy vouchers and incentives to keep them coming back. Choose which assets you want to accept as payment methods and access marketing tools to engage wallet holders and attract them to your store in your Centrapay Business Portal.


What’s available now on Centrapay


Digital gift cards

Centrapay has partnered with Gift Station to deliver a plastic-free and user-friendly digital gift card solution. Digital gift cards are delivered via TXT to any NZ mobile number and then securely stored in a mobile wallet where wallet holders can ‘spend it or send it'. Wallet holders can easily track the balance of their gift cards and redeem them on Centrapay’s Merchant Acceptance Network using their app. Increase foot traffic and sales by selling third-party gift vouchers or enable customers to purchase your gift cards in thousands of high foot traffic outlets with your own Gift Station gift card.


Digital assets

Businesses and brands can transform products into digital assets, to use as currency to engage consumers and drive sales. Centrapay lets businesses tokenise products, enabling users to spend, share, trade, or track any physical or digital asset cheaply, securely, and quickly. A brand can set up a promotional token that can be redeemed electronically in-store for products or services, for example, a café could set up a digital coffee stamp card that loads the customer's wallet with a token for a free coffee when they’ve purchased nine coffees.


How Centrapay works with Android EFTPOS


Simply initiate a payment on your EFTPOS terminal and your customer does the rest – selecting Centrapay as their payment option and then completing the payment by scanning a QR code on the terminal screen with their mobile wallet.


What’s next for Centrapay?


Digital debit (EFTPOS 2.0)

Centrapay is supporting the launch of mobile payment, loyalty, and rewards in 2023 to provide a low-cost digital alternative to traditional payment cards. Consumers will use a mobile wallet to spend from their bank account and earn rewards, without requiring a plastic card. Businesses will benefit from lower fees compared to forms of card payment such as contactless and credit, reducing their need to pass that cost on to consumers in the form of surcharges.



Centrapay has built New Zealand’s first integrated cryptocurrency retail payment system. Soon cryptocurrency wallet holders will be able to use digital currency to make payments in-store on an EFTPOS terminal.


The future of payments

Centrapay is democratising payments by building a developer-friendly payment ecosystem designed to foster innovation and support decentralisation while giving businesses the tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Most importantly Centrapay gives consumers more choice when it comes to managing and spending their money. By joining the Centrapay Merchant Acceptance Network you’re future-proofing your payment solution for the coming wave of emerging payment methods, including:

  • Stable coins - a less volatile form of cryptocurrency that ties their value to that of another currency, commodity, or financial instrument, for example, the New Zealand Dollar.
  • Central bank digital currency (CDBC) – In 2021 the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) announced that it will look at the potential for a New Zealand Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). This would be a New Zealand Dollar-issued digital currency intended to support central bank money while leveraging the innovative technology pioneered by cryptocurrencies.

Get started with Centrapay

Benefit from joining one of the largest alternative payment networks in the world. Talk to us about signing up for Centrapay today. Call our team on 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767, option 4) or send us an email at


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