Three Costs to EFTPOS

Three Costs to EFTPOS


You know that you need an EFTPOS terminal for your business, but you’re just not sure exactly what the costs are to get up and running. Good news – you’ve come to the right place!

Keep reading for a no-nonsense summary of the three things you need to start taking payments using EFTPOS, who provides what service and what you can expect to pay. To start accepting EFTPOS payments you’ll need an EFTPOS terminal, a payment network and an internet connection.


1) EFTPOS Terminal Fees

What is it?

A monthly subscription fee that depends on how much support you need, your terminal model (fixed or mobile) and your contract length. You can also purchase a terminal outright, but this puts the onus of payment compliance and software upgrades on you.

How much does it cost for the EFTPOS machine?

If you choose to lease a terminal, you can expect to pay from around $30 - $40 + GST per month, per terminal.

Purchasing an EFTPOS terminal will cost you around $1,000-$1,900 + GST per terminal.

If you need a mobile EFTPOS solution, click here to find out more about the differences between mobile terminals and mPOS devices.

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Who do I pay?

This cost is paid to your terminal provider.


2) Payment Network Cost

What is it?

This is a monthly fee paid to a payment network provider so that your terminal can take payments. In New Zealand, there are two payment networks to choose from, the Verifone Network and the Worldline Network. We operate the Verifone Network, and we’re the only terminal provider with our own payment network. This benefits you because you can bundle your device and network services, giving you one less thing to think about.

How much does it cost to connect my EFTPOS machine to a payment network?

The cost to connect to the Verifone network is $15.00 + GST per terminal, per month. The cost to connect to the Worldline network is $18.90 + GST per terminal, per month.

Who do I pay?

Verifone and Worldline are the only options in NZ, so this cost will be paid to whichever payment network you choose. Learn more about the two networks here.

3) Internet Connection

What is it?

To connect to a payment network, your terminal needs to be able to connect to the internet either using an Ethernet cable connected directly to your router, over your Wi-Fi connection or using a SIM card.

How much does it cost to connect?

If you connect your terminal directly to your router or Wi-Fi there are no additional connectivity costs, aside from what you already pay to your Internet Service Provider. On average, processing EFTPOS payments uses less than 10MB per month.

If you want to connect using 3G/4G mobile data, your terminal will come with a SIM card. The cost will either be included in your monthly subscription, or you will be charged a SIM fee of around $13.00 + GST per terminal, per month.

It’s worth noting that if you opt to connect using WiFi and your internet connection fails, you won’t be able to take payments, so we recommend having a backup SIM just in case. A backup SIM card costs $5.00 + GST per terminal per month, and you’ll only need to pay more if you process over 200 transactions.

Who do I pay?

If you are connecting your terminal to the internet directly using an Ethernet cable, or over your Wi-Fi connection, the cost is paid to your Internet provider.

If you connect using mobile data, the fee for your terminal’s SIM card is paid to your terminal provider.

EFTPOS NZ doesn’t charge a per-transaction cost, so aside from the costs listed above, there won’t be any surprise costs that you aren't prepared for. To learn more about transaction fees and PayWave fees payable to your bank, click here.

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