Time, tide, and technology, wait for no one. Fact is, technology always keeps evolving and you'll encounter new tools regularly. 

But teaching all your staff members how to use new tools is no walk in the park.

Here are the 5 tips to train staff on new tools:

1. Train staff at the right time

Don't assume that your staff will learn the upgraded version of software or a device on their own. Some might, but you should always take the responsibility of teaching staff right from the beginning.

Don't let your staffs' performance get affected due to lack of training. Be proactive and teach them how to use the new tools from the get-go.

2. Train the team leaders first

If you're in-charge of running a business that employ more than 5-10 people, it can be really hectic to coordinate the training of all the employees at the same time. 

Delegate this task to your shift managers or assign a staff member as your training champion. Train the managers or your training champion so they can pass on the information to the rest of the team and new or casual employees in future.

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3. Leverage online learning

Keeping up with training each new employee on how to use new tools might not be viable in the long-run, especially if you frequently hire casual staff.

You can use short online courses or instructional videos to tackle this situation. This gives new employees the flexibility to learn in their free time as well as re-watch the video if they're unsure about anything. Also, e-learning gives old employees a chance to refresh their memory regarding a particular training session.

Here at Eftpos New Zealand, we have created several help articles that you can use to train your old as well as new employee.

However, if your business is relatively small and creating online courses is not possible, you can record speeches, demonstrations, and videos for future use. This can be easily done using loom.

4. Keep training fun

"I like long, boring lectures," said no one ever.

When it comes to training staff in using new technology, our first instinct might be to stuff a whole lot of information into our staff members' brains - half of which will be forgotten the minute your team members step out of the room.

That's why it's necessary to make it a fun experience and keep the employees engaged throughout the training. 

5. Include role plays

Role plays will enable your employees to get practical experience using new tools. For example, if you're training your staff on how to use a Countertop EFTPOS terminal, the team leader can play the role of the customer and let a  staff member be the cashier or vice-versa.

You should try and consolidate training into a short session, if possible. And don't forget to include humour! You don't want your staff falling asleep; jokes will definitely keep them up.

Make sure everyone gets a chance to be a part of the role play. It also doubles as a fantastic team building exercise.

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Editors note: blog content updated on 21 April, 2020